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Features: manual / time scheduled recording + support for free mp3 encoders + on-the-fly mp3 compression + freeware
Wecome to Messer - Memo Session Sound Recorder - application for scheduled sound recording on PC.

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The latest version is: 0.98
Last update: 10.10.2000

about messer

Another "sound-recorder"? What do I need it for? Well, I don't know :-) The fact is - I needed it and couldn't find anywhere, so decided to write it myself.

There's lots of sound recorders and editors with plenty of filters for sound processing, mixing abilities of an almost professional studio. But none[*] of them can be told: "I got to go to work, but leaving my radio turned on and connected to your soundcard. Please, be so kind and record the audition at eleven for me. Then turn the PC off - it's no use to waste energy...". A stupid VCR can do that, so it should be easy for computer :-)

So I wrote program that CAN do such job for me. Messer runs under Windows and can store data in PCM format (*.wav) sampled from soundcard input. It can automatically stop and start recording at choosen moment, optionally do simple processing on just recorded file (normalizing, mp3 compression or any job that can be done by some external application), then wait for another scheduled "recording session" and finally shut down the computer.

In addition if you'd like to record long piece of music (eg. long radio audition, as I usually do) and don't have enough disk space to hold such a huge wave file, Messer can do on-the-fly MP3 encoding for you!

Messer was written in C++ using Borland C++ Builder's VCL library and some free Delphi components (found thanks to the Delphi Super Page) including great RXLibrary. Instalation program was made using Inno Setup. Thanks to authors for great tools they made.

If you use Messer, let me know what you think about it - any comments and suggestions are welcome - Dariusz Sieradzki <[email protected]>


[*] Ok, since version 1.60 AudioGrabber can do such thing with his "line-in sampling" tool, but 1) it is not free, 2) when i wrote first version of Messer the line-in sampling option haven't been avialable yet.

what's new
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v 0.98 (October 2000) :

v 0.97 (August 2000) :

v 0.96 (June/July 2000) :

v 0.95 (June 2000) : v 0.94 (May 2000): v 0.93 (April/May 2000): first version available on-line.
what's planned

Messer is a freeware. You can download and use it without any fee (but see licence for further details).

To install: download, unzip and run: messer-v098-setup.exe (564 kB)


Note: For built in mp3 support and on-the-fly mp3 encoding you'll need to download bladeenc.dll and/or lame_enc.dll (recommended!) libraries, and put them into windows/system directory (or into directory in which messer.exe is installed):

Previous versions of Messer are also avialable:
(but remember, older the version - more bugs/less features it has. See what's new section for details)


Other useful applications (that can be used as post-command):


Sorry, no help file is avialable yet. A draft of Messer's usage is included in readme.txt file (which is in fact installed along with Messer)

Messer - application for scheduled sound recording on PC © 2000 by Dariusz Sieradzki

The software (Messer) is provided "as is". In no event shall the author, be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance or use of this software.

Program was written by Darek Sieradzki . All elements (program and documentation) are owned by program's author.

Messer is a freeware. You can download and use it, without any fee.

If you'd like to include it in your shareware cd-rom or as add-on to some commercial product - contact me first at <[email protected]>.

BladeEnc.dll is copyrighted to Tord Jansson <[email protected]>. For more information (and latest updates) check www page at http://bladeenc.mp3.no/

Lame_Enc.dll is provided under LGPL licence. For source code, latest updates and more information see http://lame.sourceforge.net/

© 2000 by Dariusz Sieradzki